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Lyrical Mamu Privacy

The purpose of our website is only to communicate good songs to you. We do not keep your data with us in any way. We do not know what you read and search on our website. We only write the lyrics of the songs, we write about the songs which have been released recently. We do nothing more on our website than this.

Lyrical Mamu Advertisement

No work is done without any benefit. If we are doing something good for you, then we have an advantage behind it. We have many singers come to sing and get their songs advertised. This advertisement will not bother you in any way. The motive behind putting them is that our team who work so hard should get the fruits of their hard work.

Lyrical Mamu Song Lyrics Copyrights

If someone steals songs from our website, then they are not allowed to share those lyrics further. If you have come to our website for this purpose, then we can get you processed under other copyright related act. Therefore, copying the lyrics of any kind of songs from here can be dangerous for you.

Song Lyrics 2020

We are writing lyrics for all the new songs coming in 2020. Here we are going to write the lyrics of Rajasthani, Haryanvi, Marathi and Punjabi songs. Our team is always ready to write lyrics for every new song. Therefore, if you want the lyrics of any kind of song, then you can visit our website.